Giotto Suite is a major upgrade to the Giotto package that provides tools to process, analyze and visualize spatial multi-omics data at all scales and multiple resolutions. The underlying framework is generalizable to virtually all current and emerging spatial technologies. Our Giotto Suite prototype pipeline is generally applicable on various different datasets, such as those created by state-of-the-art spatial technologies, including in situ hybridization (seqFISH+, merFISH, osmFISH, CosMx), sequencing (Slide-seq, Visium, STARmap, Seq-Scope, Stereo-Seq) and imaging-based multiplexing/proteomics (CyCIF, MIBI, CODEX). These technologies differ in terms of resolution (subcellular, single cell or multiple cells), spatial dimension (2D vs 3D), molecular modality (protein, RNA, DNA, …), and throughput (number of cells and analytes).


To install Giotto suite use pak::pkg_install("drieslab/Giotto").

Visit the Giotto Discussions page for more information.

Website Update!

With Giotto version 4.0, we updated the website at, you can still find the previous website at

Website description

  • Get started: Here you can find more advanced information about the Giotto object, Giotto ecosystem, Giotto configuration, and installation FAQs.
  • Documentation: Here you will find all Giotto functions grouped by their purpose (Helpers, Getters & Setters, Visualization, …)
  • Examples: Here you can find end-to-end examples for different technologies and datasets.
  • Tutorials: Here you can find various tutorials on working with Giotto (analysis, visualizations, working on the cloud, …)
  • News: Here you can find the changelog for every Giotto release and video recordings from previous presentations.